Wednesday 24 June 2009

Magazine Storage Rack

Aditi of Once Upon a tea time had this very interesting post on ways to store and organise magazines. This reminded me of one such rack that I had designed for a client of mine. Below are some pictures of the board that describes the design and style of this rack. Please take a look and read on for explanation.
Magazine display racks and storage racks are very useful to people who are avid magazine readers and are keen on collecting & organising magazines, brochures and periodicals. As much as it is important for one to have a good magazine display rack, it is also very important to make a proper storage solution for the same because as years go by, one would have collected so many magazines but cannot access the right one at the right time as these are normally not organised and flimsy to handle. Therfore, I have provided a good idea of both a magazine rack and a storage solution.

For this, I made use of an old wooden CD rack that was there with the client. Please take a look at the board.
This was then provided with a 20 pocket magazine rack which can be used to organize the magazines while keeping them neatly displayed at the same time.This can either be kept closed when not in use or left open to showcase the magazine collection. Since the old CD rack was in good condition, I chose to give it a classic look with a touch of varnish and this became a perfect accessory for the reading room area. This rack features solid oak sides and will hold the magazines and other literature neatly in place. In addition to these details, for easy accessibility in terms of even the different volumes (or monthly issues) of magazines and the storage after a particular period, I chose to add some special holders inside these racks with the numbering option. These are detachable and can be removed and buttoned after every 1 year or 2 years of subscription collection. The pockets inside show the top 3” of literature for easy identification. It therefore helps in maintaining a tidy magazine filing system.


Anonymous said...

Oh these look nice!! I'm not so sure about a cabinet for magazines though!! Saying that I do have a problem with storage!! Maybe I should try this out!

Anonymous said...

These modern magazine racks feature innovative designs while having enough space to hold plenty of literature.