Tuesday 31 January 2012

Tattoos for your walls.....

I am sure there have been times when you have seen paintings on the walls of Hotels or Frescoes in palaces and wished you had a similar one on the walls of your homes too. There are some who take the risk and attempt one on their walls...but there are others who only wish that they were artists too.... Don't worry, here is an easy option for all you people out there who wish to have some instant art on your walls that could magically transform the look of your rooms. They are called Wall Decals or in simple words wall stickers. There are a variety of them available online and they also allow you to choose from a list of sizes and colours. Isn't that wonderful?. These fine quality stickers blend along with the walls making them look like art on walls or tattoos on walls.  I have a few in my house.....take a look...

As I was browsing the net today for some wall stickers, I found this website called Wall Art. They sell some of the best wall tattoos for every room. Take a look at some of their themes. All pictures below are from Wall Art website.
Neo Classical

Indian Mehandi Design

 So, check out the website of Wall Art here and choose your desired theme and colour.

Monday 30 January 2012

Easy and cost effective storage solutions from IKEA

Every time I go to Ikea, I am always looking for more and more storage solutions. Here is what I liked during my recent visit.

Bed Room
Kids Room


Utility Areas

Living Room

Will keep posting more such useful information:)
All pictures from Ikea

Monday 23 January 2012

Theme Based Decor....

Check out my article on Theme Based Decor in the recent issue of Prismma - an online interior design magazine (Page 40). I put together a few more boards for you.

Theme: Tuscany, Italy
Theme : Kerala, India

Theme: Country yet Contemporary

Theme: For the love of red and green

Theme: Whispering water colours of the ocean

Theme: A Dancer's Paradise

Theme:  A Newyorker Sports Fan

Theme: An Artist's Dining Room
For more boards on Theme Based Decor, Please click here, & here.
For the full article on Theme Based Decor, do check out this Prismma Magazine Link (Page 40).
All pictures above are created by me using Olioboard. 

Stress - Free Colour Schemes....

Check out my article on " Stress- Free Colour Schemes" (Page 58)  in the latest issue of Prismma - an Online interior design magazine. I put together a few more pictures for you.

Visualise the cool expanse and the soft colours of the sea.

Self printed patterns and various textures form an interesting mix.

An all-white scheme would be a good option with a few accents in a different colour.

For a Warm and Cosy ambience, tone down bright colours by mixing them with black or brown.

Maintain a constant look throughout the room.
Add different shades of brown for a warm feel.
Try a peaceful Zen look with greenery.
 For the full article on Stress-Free Colour Schemes....Please do check out page 58 on this Prismma Magazine Link.
All pictures above are created by me using Olioboard.

Thursday 12 January 2012

Photo Wallpaper....

I have always loved Wallpapers on my walls. They not only add colour to your walls, but enhance them with textures, patterns and the effect is instant. There are many types of wallpapers. My favourite is the Photo Wallpaper or Wallpaper Murals. Thanks to my dad, I had a huge photo wallpaper of the Alp mountains in Switzerland on one of the walls in my bedroom. Whenever I got bored, I would sit looking at it for hours. I truly enjoyed it. While I was browsing through the net, I found some very interesting websites that offer such interesting and beautiful wall papers for your homes and offices.  The greatest advantage today is that you could give your photo and that could be printed as a wallpaper. Here are some interesting wallpapers from Foto Tapete. Please see their website for more.
Theme: Asia

Theme: Own Photo converted to a Wallpaper
Theme: Africa
Theme: Mountain
Theme: Flowers
Theme: Newyork
Theme: Beach
Theme: Nature
Theme: Abstract Motifs
Theme: City

All pictures shown above are from the official website of Foto Tapete.
Here is a board I created with a photo from my personal album. This board is created using Olioboard.

Hope you all enjoyed this post !!!!

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Introducing TUSSE from Portugal......

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to all my lovely readers.

My first post for this year brings some unique furniture designs from Tusse, Portugal. One may call it art and the other may call it design...but for me it is exceptional art and design and stands true to its punchline. Geometric forms finely blended with artistic skills and handcrafted to perfection explains the end-result of Tusse's line of designer furniture. Here are a few pictures from Tusse. Please do visit their website for more information.
This is called the Gorgeous Lamp in a neo-classical look

This Gorgeous Gold and Purple bar can truly feature as a focal point of any room.

This Rainbow Armoire features 78 pieces of coloured glass and just imagine you have one of these in your rooms

BLUES is a majestic and an unusual piece inspired by the Gothic Architecture

NOVEAU - Art deco inspired furniture is highly glossy with an illusional pattern

Rainbow Screen - Instantly creates a magical ambience as light enters through it.

Rainbow Lamp
Hope you all enjoyed this post on Tusse's unique and interesting furniture.
Watch out for more such interesting posts this year !!!!!!