Wednesday 2 June 2010

Colourful Tiling Ideas...

Sunset Books Inc. based in California have a series of books on interior designing. They have this series called "ideas for Great" which hosts a lovely collection of books ranging from different ways of Tiling, Wall systems, window treatments, Kitchens, home offices, patios etc., Their books are filled with lovely pictures, easy to understand and teaches the basics to any novice in this field. I cherish this book "ideas for Great TILE" and here are a few pictures of creative tiling from this book. ISBN 0-376-01677-9
Have a great day ahead!!!!!!!

Tuesday 1 June 2010

How to choose your colour palette from something you have liked..

Hi Readers,
After reading the post on My inspirations from Maddur....many of you have written to me asking how to make use of the inspirations....the simplest answer to this can choose the colour palette from something that has attracted your attention.
Assume that you have liked something could be a landscape or simply a group of objects. If you have captured it on your means you have liked it. This post focuses on using your picture (any photograph of your choice) to derive your colour palette.

Please take a look at the following examples:

This is a simple picture of a terracotta duck against a grass background that I captured on my tour to Mangalore. If I had to pick out my colour palette from this picture.... then it would be.....Shades and tints of green and ofcourse terracotta brown. It is very important to note the proportions of the colour. How much of what colour is in the picture?. In this picture, the proportion of green colour is more than that of brown. Green is acting as a background colour. Keeping all this in mind, I have created this picture from my architectural software. Please do not mind the slight difference in the colours as the 3D image differs slightly fromt the intended colours.

From this picture, I derived the following colours: Black, Rust Brown and Majenta or Pink.

Since Pink in the picture is against a black background and is focal point of the picture, I decided to use this on my sofa and the carpet. If you have noticed the above picture...there is a tinge of rustic brown on the vessels...I decided to use this on my bookcase and the can ofcourse extend this to the door and window frames as well.
I hope you all liked this post. If you have any pictures and want my assistance in deriving a colour palette for the same....I would love to do it. Do query me about any info you need on this post.