Friday 29 July 2011

The Surprise revealed!!!!

A set of 3 sheets of Window Stickers for each of the winners of the Mood board contest. Here's a look at the motifs.
Maple Leaves in Fall Colours

Pumpkin themed Stickers

Various types of leaves with a gold line
Congratulations once again to Harshita, Kamini and Nidhi for making this contest a grand success. Hope to host many more such contests in future.

Thursday 28 July 2011

Design Challenge at COMMON GROUND...

Hi Readers !!!!
I am very happy to note that Debra who blogs at common ground, has come up with a new feature of providing home decor solutions through her blog using the blogger community. Here is how it goes...

Anybody looking for some design solutions for their homes can send in pictures of their walls, furniture or rooms to common ground. This will be responded to by the blogger community. They can then decide what is the right solution for their problems. I highly appreciate debra's thought process and the desire to help.

Great Going Debra!!!!

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Winners of the Mood board Contest !!!!!!!

My sincere thanks to my friend Catherine Turnbull, who was kind enough to judge this contest. Catherine is an interior designer by profession. Although a Mechanical Engineer, her passion for interior designer led her to choose this as her profession. Her extraordinary creativity and sense of style can be seen in all her works. Don't forget to check her website here.
Here is what Catherine says about the contestants and the boards.
"Well, the judging is complete. This was incredibly tough as everyone who entered has done a fabulous job. I had to really study the boards looking for the combination of elements and how they were brought together. Please tell your readers I believe they are all winners. I was incredibly impressed.I arrived at a decision by picturing the rooms. I wanted to understand how they would look and feel. With the top boards, I was able to walk through the room in my imagination".

When I put up this contest, I was not really sure about the response I would receive and so I was only planning for one prize. But now, I have decided to part with 3 prizes as it has been a wonderful experience putting up this contest. 

Winners list:
First Place - Harshita Dakoju Tegi (co-blogs with Patricia at at Coloursdekor)

Second Place - Black Board  - Arabian Night  - Kamini Raghavan (blogs at saffronandsilk) shared by Harshita Dakoju Tegi again

Third Place - Nidhi Hegde (Freelance Interior Designer and a student of mine)

Congrats to all of you ladies. Please mail me your postal address and you would receive your prizes soon!!!

Thanks to all of you especially to you Catherine for the time you spent on this.

Monday 25 July 2011

Finalist at the Blissful Homes contest...for the Prismma Magazine

Hi Readers,

My Home in Bangalore, India, is featured on Prismma, an online magazine for interior design and decor.  Please take a look at it and vote for me. Click on this link and comment. Your comment is treated as a vote.

Thank you once again.

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Mood Board Contest....Contestant Boards....Take a look

It was great fun downloading all the mood boards sent by my lovely readers. I am sure you all must have enjoyed doing it as much as I enjoyed putting these together.

So, did you enjoy this contest????? Please do let me know. Your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks so much for this effort.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Landscape and Lighting.....

Having beautiful landscaped gardens around oneself is becoming increasingly important these days. The reasons are many, but one that is my top of mind recall is good health. With good health, follows all other things. I am from Bangalore in India. This place is traditionally known as the Garden City with its beautiful formal public gardens. Unfortunately with the city expanding at a rapid rate, it is making way for a lot of residential and commercial apartment complexes. Although, I am happy to see Bangalore listed as a Global city, it saddens me to see the large gardens vanishing and making way for concrete. 

With all these said, it is important to mention that most of these apartment complexes in Bangalore today are giving a lot of importance to landscaping to whatever extent possible. Landscaping a public place should not only consider aesthetic aspects, but also environmental and socio-behavioural issues as well.

Here is  a post which focuses on landscaping and lighting. A few shots of a beautiful garden near my house which recently hosted a Light Festival.

A garden is naturally beautiful in daylight with its rich natural hues in various colours. The beauty can be totally transformed at night with some beautiful lighting effect.
The leaves look bluish with the special down-lighters that flicker every few seconds

The tower in different colours of  lighting

The complimentary coloured  red and green lighting....a challenge to nature

The rock separator turns fiery red and bright orange

A fairy tale effect

Up-lighters and Down-lighters create a dramatic effect on these green leaves

As the day light faded, safety lighting was provided at all areas for easy movement. This is very important in all public parks.
(All Photographs are shot by me and are solely for Cherishing Spaces, please do not use without permission)
Location: Killesberg Park, Stuttgart, Germany

Friday 15 July 2011

Sophisticated Living......refreshing contemporary furniture line....from Karlsruhe,Germany

Hi Readers,
Introducing you all to a beautiful range of Furniture from Sophisticated Living. I love the fact that their products are highly contemporary with sleek lines and minimalism. But what truly brings in the beauty is the element of nature in colours, patterns and the feel infused in their furniture. Their product line consists of sofas, beds, chairs, pillows etc.,

Here is their latest line of modular furniture called PEAHI. This is a furniture that can be mixed and matched according to your needs and desires. Here is what sophisticated living says about PEAHI. "Peahi (pronounced pay-ah-hee) is a town on the northern coast of the island of Maui in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The name Peahi means "wave" in Hawaiian and is also the name given to the giant waves that break just short of this seaside town. In particular in the harsh winter months.  Our latest sofa model is also called "PEAHI" and it gathers its inspiration from no less than the first rays of the springtime sun. We created it to be modular, flexible and to offer excellent seating comfort".

I always have a special appreciation for multi-utility furniture and so here is something i really liked. A  Cube-inspired square and practical sofa. Can be combined and used in a variety of ways.
This is called REEFBREAK bed that symbolises casual elegance. The special feature is its removable cushion bed with its soft head board.
This is a SHOREBREAK bed with a fine blend of country look and classic elegance. 
Their Chair series can be used as a single eye-catcher in your room or combined with their sofa series. I especially loved the red ragtag chair and the purple loop chair.
This is just an overview of their products. For more information, please log on to the above mentioned website.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Moodboard progress........THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS....

Hurry !!!!!!!!!! the contest closes in 4 days.....Click the link on your right for more information on this contest. Here are a couple of mood boards I made recently. 

A mix-match of a classic-country Kerala bedroom with peacock accents. This one is especially for Patricia from Colours Dekor and for her love of a peacock theme.

This one is a Romantic black bathroom inspired by the Bouganvillea Flower.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Moodboard progress

Hello readers,

Here are some more concept or mood boards. Please click here for the contest rules.

This board is for the plant lovers. A contemporary bedroom with a contemporary interior landscape and a zen feel. I am a true lover of Paris City. This is a moodboard dedicated to the exoticism in Paris....
How many of us have secretly enjoyed a beach party??. Here is a board with the concept of a beach party at night.....
to make this competition more fun....join in and send as many entries as possible.....HURRY!!!last date is 15th July 2011.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Tallest Gothic Church in Asia....

Our Lady of Doloures Basilica

This is a beautiful Gothic church located in Thrissur, Kerala, India. While the beauty of this church is the intricate Gothic detailing and its pristine feel in an all-white scheme, the speciality is that, it is acclaimed to be the tallest and biggest Gothic church in Asia.

The interiors showcase beautiful frescoes and wall paintings in biblical themes.

Vaulted Ceilings, intricate detailing on the altars and rose windows are the prime features of Gothic architecture.

For more info on this church and how to reach there, click here.

Image Courtesy: Sreejith Menon.