Monday, 3 January 2011

How I Surprised my Spouse !!!!!!

Dear Readers!!!!
This is the time of the year when people in my house are busy exchanging gifts. The reason being... all of us are capricorns. While it is easy for my hubby to think of a gift for me.... It is really hard for me to think of a suitable gift for him. I have surpassed the usual watches, phones, perfumes, shirts, T-shirts, wallets etc., I was desperate for an unusual gifing idea. This was when I saw the ad of asian paints royale play - SURPRISE YOUR SPOUSE on TLC Channel.
My hubby has always been complaining about the wall paint of one of the rooms in our house. It was mint green. Our intention of painting this colour was to give the room a refreshing feel...something that blends in with nature. Unfortunately after this exercise, we realised that no matter what shade or tint of green you can never look natural. One of the reasons could be that we are so used to seeing the leaves in nature and each of the leaf comprises of various shades and tints of green. Try holding a leaf in your hand and you will agree with me on this.
I decided to surprise my husband by giving this room a whole new look. I had a very short time and this whole process had to be done without the knowledge of my husband. Now, this was the tough part. This meant that the whole makeover had to happen on the same day. I then contacted asian paints helpline. They first took my contact details. The closest asian paints home solutions representative then called me to find out my requirement. The representative visited my home with all the catalogues of asian paints royale play. I really appreciate their professional approach.
Since I wanted some kind of a textured effect. I chose combing technique with base coat as MANGO YELLOW and topcoat as GREENERY. You can see the pictures of the step by step makeover of the room. My husband returned home from office and was shocked and surprised at the same time. He never expected to see something change all of a sudden. He had seen a green wall in the morning and to see a completely changed wall in the evening is definitely a surprise. Initially he refused to believe that it was the paint effect as paint generally takes a long time. He convinced himself that it could be a wallpaper. Honestly, the effect is marvellous and it indeed looks like a wallpaper.
Yahoo.............I successfully surprised my spouse. I am so happy and thank asian paints for the quick makeover. Here are a few pictures of the makeover........

The mint Green wall getting ready for the makeover

The base coat in Mango Yellow
Combing effect being done on the wall
A closer look of the same

The wall after the effect resembled a wallpaper
Loved the whole process which happened so effortlessly.............
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