Thursday 26 August 2010

Monochromatic Scheme....

Hi Readers,
Back after a long hiatus and hope to stay inspired for sometime. I have loads of articles to update but have very less time these days. When I started this blog....little did I know that I would get so busy. Anyways, this is an interesting writeup about my favourite topic - "COLOUR". I want to share some info on the different colour schemes possible. To begin with...I want to talk about a simple yet complex colour scheme which is Monochromatic. "Mono" means one and "Chroma" means Colour. This scheme is all about handling a single colour in various tints...tones and shades. To make this more clear, let us take an example from nature. Please see this picture below, notice the variations in colour. A close observation will reveal the different tints, tones and shades of green. This is the best example to demonstrate a monochromatic scheme.

I created a collage of some of the green things I had at home. This exercise helps in understanding this scheme better.
Now to derive the colour palette from the above pictures..... (Photo Courtesy: click here)
Now for some examples of interiors in the same monochromatic green colour.

(Photo Courtesy: Click here)

(Photo courtesy: click here)
Hope you all enjoyed this post. Will post some interesting works of my students shortly.....