Thursday 26 May 2011

Eugen Schwarz .....of textiles and decoration

Eugen Schwartz is a retail outlet located in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany. I am very happy to share a few pictures of their collection. This outlet is 75 years old and primarily involved in retailing soft furnishings for residential and commercial purposes. It is a family business and the passion is very evident in everything Mrs. Bischoff does with respect to textiles and decoration. My love for textiles attracted me to this shop because of its simple yet elegant window decoration. While choosing soft furnishings for your homes, it is very important to visual the complete decoration. Identify the focal points of your decoration and capture an image in your mind of how you want things to look like. I am often confronted with questions like....what should we buy first....the furnishings or the accessories? now....the obvious answer to this is that you buy the soft furnishings first. But why not think the other way round......Let's say you are in love with a set of accessories you spotted while you were out shopping. Now who is stopping you from buying that? is it the thought am i going to match it with the soft furnishings that I have? or how do I bring about a harmony with what I already have? The answer to all these questions a first step... identify and list out the colour palette on your accessories. If you have black, white, grey, cream, any of the browns then half your problem is solved. Strike out these from your list. Now all that you have to do is to look out for fabrics in the colours that you still have on your list.

It is not only important to match the colours but also match the mood or theme of your accessories. There are never single combinations. A creative mind can think of a variety of options. The best way to set the right mood is to try various textures and patterns. Using Grey subtles down any bright colour in an elegant and pleasing manner.
Floral patterns always add a fresh touch to your decor. At Eugen Schwarz, one can see the beauty of the accessories upheld by the fabrics and viceversa. Black in any form is the most beautiful. Simple black stripes are made to look extraordinary by adding an accent colour orange, a dash of gold candle and freshness through some green leaves. I specially liked this red and white combination from Eugen Schwarz.

For all my German readers, Eugen Schwartz also offers individual home consultancy for textile and decoration ideas. They also have window treatments (Gardinen), flooring options(Bodenbelege), Wallpapers (Tapeten), Awnings (Sonnenschutz), Cushions (Kissen), Table decoration (Tisch dekoration) etc., Please write back to me for their contact details.

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