Tuesday 28 June 2011

MOODBOARD CONTEST......open to all...

Hi all,
Many of my students and people who know me from the ID field know how mad I am about creating moodboards for my projects. I have atleast a minimum of 100 handmade mood and sample boards at home. Every time I am bored, all I have to do is just flip through a few boards and then I am all geared up to make some more.

I have always used picasa collage to create some digital moodboards for my clients. My happiness know no bounds when Kamini of Saffron and Silk listed a few online resources yesterday on her blog. Thanks a ton Kamini. As I was scrolling her blog, I found out about this website http://www.olioboard.com/ which is very user friendly. As I quickly put together a moodboard, I realised it was almost efffortless. That is when this thought about hosting a MOODBOARD COMPETITION surfaced my mind. I request all my readers to take part in this. This will not be judged by me. I am looking for a person specialised in Interior Designing to do this. This ensures there are no biases. The rules of the competition are as follows.

  1. This competition is open to all, irrespective of the place you live in. I will ensure that the personally handpicked goody box will reach you.

  2. You dont have to be a blogger to do this. Any person interested in learning something new and creative can try this. Remember it can help you re-create your own spaces.

  3. You are allowed to send any number of moodboards.

  4. You are free to make hand made moodboards or simply log on to the above mentioned website and create one. You can also use any other software that you want to.

  5. Please visit my blog and press the follow button or enter your email ids to subscribe.....just a gesture to motivate me...it will only take a few seconds.

  6. If you are a blogger, please spread this word across.

  7. Please mail all your pictures to vasudha.dilip@hotmail.com.

  8. The competetion closes on 15th July 2011.
  9. Now here is mine....Hurry...start working on it...and I promise you ....the goody box will be worth the effort.....
    Promise to come with more.........

Monday 27 June 2011

Projekt POET...a shop loved by its customers for its ambience & products

With subtle chantings of the krishna bhajan, the mixed frangrance of the tea leaves, dried twigs & delicately flavoured nuts, I was welcomed with a warm smile by Mr. Jorg Eisenmann of projekt POET. I simply loved the decor of this shop. The simple yet rich in its display, the country yet contemporary look with natural elements in the decor looks superb. This shop is located at Feuerbach, Stuttgart, Germany. Please see the end of this post for the address.
I am mainly posting this article for the lovely decor of this shop. Mr. Jorg Eisenmann is highly inspired by the calm and tranquil nature of Buddha and therefore the decor of his shop revolves around this theme. He has cleverly chosen a subtle colour scheme of Grey and Green with hints of red that can be seen here and there.
He handpicks his products and the range involves Wine, Gift articles, Home decor products and delicacies like roasted nuts, flavoured chips, tea leaves, spices etc., from various countries.

Grey performs a splendid job of a becoming a background colour and allowing all the other colours to go ahead and perform their job of looking bright. Since its the colour of the natural stone and the colour of steel, grey suits both country and contenporary settings. This is exactly what one can see in this shop.Projekt POET also features lovely country-contemporary furniture from ante neo. Do not forget to check this website for more details. I especially loved these coasters, and wein bottle fitters. The various hues of red can be seen in the Wine display section.Some handpicked tea leaves are a speciality of this shop. Mr Jorg Eisenmann also offers a choice of your articles gift wrapped. This makes your gift artciles more special. Loved this oval shaped olive motifed bowl... Everything you spot here has an element of nature in it....I truly appreciate this thought

Beautiful stone figurines of Asian gods and goddesses from Thailand.

Some handmade artefacts in Green with country motifs adds a healing touch to the decor.

I would like to thank Mr. Jorg Eisenmann for the hospitality and the wonderful coffee.

For my Stuttgart readers, address of projekt POET:

Grazer Strasse. 21, 70469 Feuerbach. Mobil-0172-8874997

I am linking this post to Buddha Scapes at Colours Dekor.

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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Ayesha Puri's collection of decorative Cushions....

A very good day to all my readers out here. This post is about Ayesha Puri and her collection of cushions. Ayesha has already been introduced by a number of bloggers now....but ofcourse, each of us can interpret her collection differently. So, here it is for all those of you who have not see her collection on any other blog....

Ayesha is based in Delhi and has recently started her line of home furnishings. While her current focus is on decorative cushions & table lines, she definitely aspires to stretch her product line in the near furture. She retails via exhibitions in Delhi/NCR. She also takes order for commercial and residential requirements. These are just a few pictures that I compiled for you from her collection. Her collection is titled ALL THINGS PRETTY

The Summer Floral Collection

The Classic Blue-Black Paisley collection with matching table runner in Silk
The Vibrant Damask collection in a crushed fabric....

The Jute collection for a country-contemporary look

In this picture below, you will find that her patterns range from highly classical motifs like paisley to retro and contemporary too.

Some pictures taken at various venues during the exhibitions. So, have you chosen which one you want for your home...then please contact at the below mentioned email address and place an order of the ones you loved the most. She will be more than happy to courier to it your addresses. On the other hand, if you have liked the collection and want to buy them later then please visit her facebook page and click on the like button to encourage her to offer more of her creative side.

Wish you all the best Ayesha...

email her at: ayesha.puri@gmail.com

All pictures that you see here are edited and collaged by me.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Beach Theme Tablescape & accessories from NKD...

Just spotted these Beach theme deco accessories from NKD. I think this is very apt for this Summer. Loved this blue and white combination with subtle stripes on the floor cushion, hangers and the table fabric. Tell me what you feel like when you think of a beach theme decoration....what are your colours, patterns and textures?????. How do you imagine your dream lunch on the white of a beach...send me some pictures....

All pictures from NKD, collaged by me.

I said Blue.....and she said Pink.....

As I was listing down things to pick up for the summer segregation.....little did I realise that my 6 year old daughter was mentally mapping her list of things to pick up. The first picture that you see here are my picks...............while the second picture are some of her picks. I think many of you would agree with me when I say that these little girls are obsessed with the word pink. I have often wondered WHY PINK ALWAYS???????.

I loved this collection from KIK. My fascination for classic patterns attracted me to this collection of pink and blue articles from KIK, especially the waste paper bucket.Some lovely stationery in the same combination for my daughter's new study corner. The backpack is her favourite pick.
Have a nice day. All pictures from KIK, collaged by me.

Monday 6 June 2011

Weekend Wrapup Post for Colours Dekor....trip to Esslingen, Germany

I did this post specially for the weekend wrap up post on patty's blog Colours Dekor. What better setup can I ask for....hold on while I explain....With a thunder stormy rain outside, a romantic tamil song playing on my laptop, a hot cuppa in my hand, a beautiful novel titled Persuading Annie set amidst the scenic landscapes of an English town , what more can I think of other than doing something that I am very passionate about...blogging.

so, here it is... a post on what I did during the weekend.....

This was a short travel to Esslingen in Germany....a town that reflects a strong sense of tradition and culture of the medieval era. Medieval period is all about the castle look, zinc table ware, cobbled streets, roughly cut stone towers in tudor style of exteriors, and not to forget the dragon accessories. This is one such tower that is still intact with a stone structure, black and white half timbering on the exteriors. This is now converted to an Ice cream parlour.As you enter the main street in Esslingen, you will be welcomed by the beautiful colour combinations of each of the buildings, river neckar and all the beautiful street cafes.I was charmed by the beauty of each and every building. While some had beautiful shapes, some were adorned with timber work. If some facades were architecturally made beautiful with coloumns and unusual shapes, some had beautiful patterns painted on them. These are just a few of the many buildings that I clicked...more to follow in the later posts. Had some excellent coffee at the starbucks cafe. To add to the strong flavour of the black coffee were the beautiful patterns and textures on the building.

This is another building which is now a bank. One can see how beautifully and painstakingly, people of Esslingen have tried to retain the most important architectural buildings of this place.

Take a look at some of the beautiful and not so common facades of the buildings. I loved the colour schemes, the rough textures, the simple, elegant yet traditional window treatments.
This is the beautiful town hall of Esslingen. It has a complementary colour scheme of orange-red and blue-green. With its beautiful shape, architecural details, a gilded clock ...its a must-see in Esslingen.

All-in-all....a weekend well spent and worth every minute......

What I would like to specially tell my readers is that, try using some of these elements in your interiors...like maybe a wall in half timbering , fake windows symmetrically placed on either side of your bed with window treatment from the above images. This idea is especially for people who live in apartments and have boring UPVC window frames... try the colour scheme or the medieval patterns on your cabinets or cupboards to add an European touch to your interiors....

Ofcourse, you are most welcome to ask me for suggestions if you want to implement any of these ideas in your interiors.....

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