Thursday 27 September 2012

Herbst Korb - Autumn Basket - Playing Autumn Detectives...

I find it very hard to get back to blogging especially when I take a long break from writing. I try hard to look for inspiration. Sometimes, I am inspired by the smallest of things and at other times, the most interesting of things fail to inspire me. My inspiration to getting back to writing this time.... like always has to be the season of Herbst (in German) or Autumn.
Leaves of different shapes, sizes and colours ranging from Pale green to Sunny yellow and Burgundy red. In Colour Consultancy, we always think of these colours as the most welcoming colours. This is also the reason why most of the lobby areas or the foyers of homes showcase these colours. This is just a little relation to colours and how they play an effective role on our psychology.

My daughter had a project where we had to play "Autumn Detectives". This meant that we had to go to the forest and collect a few things "Autumny"(if I may use that word). Our job was to look for something soft, something hard, something sharp, something round and something that attracted our attention.
My daughter's instant hair band idea with maple leaves in different hues

It wasn't hard to find what we were looking for. This process inspired me to quickly turn this old basket that is normally used to store onions into an Autumn inspired basket (Herbst Korb).

Okay, here are some of the things we collected. Chestnuts, Chrysanthemums, Maple leaves of all colours, Grapes and Apples from our garden, Orange Chinese lantern flowers and a few wild leaves and flowers.

 So ended our Autumn detective tour with lots of fun, a riot of colours and loads of textures.