Sunday 21 June 2009

For the love of Patterns & Textures....

Patterns are nothing but decorative design found firstly in nature. Some evident examples include the white clouds on blue sky for a random pattern. The leaves of a fern form a regular on and so forth. One can start identifying millions of examples in nature.
In the world of interior design, patterns are nothing but some form of artistic or decorative design found on wall, fabrics, paper, accessories etc., Something that is not plain is considered to be a pattern. It can be regular or random. A regular pattern is something that would follow a sequence or a logical order whereas random patterns do not follow that and would just be irregular. Some common patterns include polka dots, zig-zags, checks and stripes etc., Patterns can also reflect a particular period of style.
Textures are sturctures of interwoven fibers or elements. One can clearly identify the physical composition of a texture. Textures can be smooth, grainy, or rough. While most textures are physical in nature some can be visual too... like the painted wall would be considered more of a visual texture than physical. Some of the examples can be seen here....
Regular Pattern and Physical Texture
Regular pattern with Woven Physical Texture
Regular PatternRandom PatternPatterns using moulds helps in achieving both Regular and Random PatternsRegular PatternSoft Physical Texture
Random Pattern and Texture
Regular Pattern and Smooth Visual Texture
Physical Texture
Texture and PatternTexturing with materials like porcelain, clay and terracotta Texture with Coir
Just to understand these a little better, I made these moodboards to show how patterns and textures are used to create interesting interior spaces.



lakshmi said...

Hi Vasudha
they look beautiful
and your blog is a treat to the eyes and informative for interior designing........wl be looking into it more
hv a funfilled day

Unknown said...

i love this post vasu!!!!!!its very creative thought! infact the pattern on ur mattress inspired me to paint on a corner pot in my home!