Monday 23 January 2012

Theme Based Decor....

Check out my article on Theme Based Decor in the recent issue of Prismma - an online interior design magazine (Page 40). I put together a few more boards for you.

Theme: Tuscany, Italy
Theme : Kerala, India

Theme: Country yet Contemporary

Theme: For the love of red and green

Theme: Whispering water colours of the ocean

Theme: A Dancer's Paradise

Theme:  A Newyorker Sports Fan

Theme: An Artist's Dining Room
For more boards on Theme Based Decor, Please click here, & here.
For the full article on Theme Based Decor, do check out this Prismma Magazine Link (Page 40).
All pictures above are created by me using Olioboard. 


Anonymous said...

wow!! wow!! Dont know how you make so many gorgeous olioboards.. Woman!! you totally inspire me!!

Sudha said...

wonderful feature on Prismma. Loved the feel of your blog..looks so fresh and inspiring