Tuesday 10 January 2012

Introducing TUSSE from Portugal......

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to all my lovely readers.

My first post for this year brings some unique furniture designs from Tusse, Portugal. One may call it art and the other may call it design...but for me it is exceptional art and design and stands true to its punchline. Geometric forms finely blended with artistic skills and handcrafted to perfection explains the end-result of Tusse's line of designer furniture. Here are a few pictures from Tusse. Please do visit their website for more information.
This is called the Gorgeous Lamp in a neo-classical look

This Gorgeous Gold and Purple bar can truly feature as a focal point of any room.

This Rainbow Armoire features 78 pieces of coloured glass and just imagine you have one of these in your rooms

BLUES is a majestic and an unusual piece inspired by the Gothic Architecture

NOVEAU - Art deco inspired furniture is highly glossy with an illusional pattern

Rainbow Screen - Instantly creates a magical ambience as light enters through it.

Rainbow Lamp
Hope you all enjoyed this post on Tusse's unique and interesting furniture.
Watch out for more such interesting posts this year !!!!!!


Rama Ananth said...

Beautiful Vasudha,these are simply gorgeous!
I just love all of them.

Emreen said...

Lovely post... Love the rainbow armoire... very innovative... !!

Love your informative posts...!!

Wish you a happy and successful 2012...!!

Boris Kostov said...

Really great job!

Tusse - Exceptional Art & Design said...

Thanks for all the comments, hoping that our brand can be found one day in your country.

Visit our website http://www.tusse.pt