Thursday 12 January 2012

Photo Wallpaper....

I have always loved Wallpapers on my walls. They not only add colour to your walls, but enhance them with textures, patterns and the effect is instant. There are many types of wallpapers. My favourite is the Photo Wallpaper or Wallpaper Murals. Thanks to my dad, I had a huge photo wallpaper of the Alp mountains in Switzerland on one of the walls in my bedroom. Whenever I got bored, I would sit looking at it for hours. I truly enjoyed it. While I was browsing through the net, I found some very interesting websites that offer such interesting and beautiful wall papers for your homes and offices.  The greatest advantage today is that you could give your photo and that could be printed as a wallpaper. Here are some interesting wallpapers from Foto Tapete. Please see their website for more.
Theme: Asia

Theme: Own Photo converted to a Wallpaper
Theme: Africa
Theme: Mountain
Theme: Flowers
Theme: Newyork
Theme: Beach
Theme: Nature
Theme: Abstract Motifs
Theme: City

All pictures shown above are from the official website of Foto Tapete.
Here is a board I created with a photo from my personal album. This board is created using Olioboard.

Hope you all enjoyed this post !!!!


Unknown said...

these so cool they really add some fun to a room dont they, a real wow factor

My Inspired Reality said...

Wow, absolutely fascinating wallpaper - never thought it could looks so good:):)

Veda said...

i love this post! since we grew up with wall papers in our home....its extra special.....and i know they do add a special touch to any room....remember the kerala backwaters one in master hall?

Emreen said...

Love the way the wallpapers blend with each room... especially the beach theme, nature theme and abstract motif one... !!

Architects in Mumbai said...

Beautiful images!!!

Vasudha Narasimhan said...

Thanks Sarah, amithi, architects in mumbai & emreen

yeah veds, i do is still awesome and never seems to used to be the backdrop of all our pics:)

Shuchi said...

Lovely pics!! wallpapers look really cool.


Sound Horn Please said...

Hey Vasudha- Thank you for the lovely comment on SHP- You made my day by calling the writing poetry! :) Not sure how I managed to miss following your lovely blog- following now :) and will drop by more frequently :) Happy new year!