Saturday 8 October 2011

Beautiful Touches from India......A guest post from Susi of Arcadian Lighting

Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online resource for lighting and lamps for your home. Visit their website and cool blog for the latest in lighting trends. Eclectic style is all about mixing and not matching. Incorporating design elements from around the world can give a space an eclectic style that is unique to you.  Adding beautiful touches from India, in fabrics, textiles, patterns, light fixtures and furniture, is a gorgeous way to bring eclectic style to your room.
Touches from India

The beautiful Indian mural, inspired by traditional style Indian art, sets the tone and palette for this bedroom. Golds in the textiles and lamps stand out against the cooler tones of the beautiful mural.
Touches from India

Indian textiles add intense color and bold patterns to a room or table. Embroidery is a traditional craft that can be beaded or decorated with small mirrors.
Touches from India

Patterned outdoor lanterns adds color and light to a room, porch or outside living space. Hang a group of three in a corner of a room for a beautiful touch of India.
Touches from India

This gorgeous door and arch showoff the Indian love of layers of pattern and deep, rich colors.  The shapes and colors would make great patterns for textiles and paint.
Touches from India

Anglo-Indian style furniture and accessories feature gorgeous patterns inlaid into wood with bone or shell. A box on a table or shelf is a great way to add a touch of India.
Touches from India

Pink is a popular wall color in India and looks lovely in a bedroom. Layers of India textiles and pillows, plus more traditional lamps, give this room a chic bohemian style.
Touches from India

Indian textiles can be incorporated into a number of styles of decor. Used as upholstery on accent pieces, like these ottomans, or as a throw, Indian textiles will add color and tons of pattern to a space.
Touches from India

The paisley is a classic Indian design motif. Paisley shawls can be a great place for inspiration. Look for paisleys in woodblock textiles and wallcoverings to add a touch of India.

For more inspiring lighting fixture ideas... head over to Arcadian Lighting.

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Lovely Post and equally beautiful pictures.

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