Thursday, 4 April 2013

Explore the World of Flat Pebble...

Ever since I spoke to Bheesham Kumar of Flat pebble, I have been wanting to write this post on this beautiful platform for artists, photographers and all Art lovers.
TechClove, creators of believe in "Simplifying Life using Technology". They are a small group of highly motivated techies with an immense interest in promoting Art at all levels. FlatPebble  is an artist community and marketplace that enables you to showcase and sell original artwork and prints to a global audience. With flat pebble's innovative technology you can sell your stuff not only on their platform, but also within your Facebook page or your existing website or blog. Flatpebble makes it easy for you to sell paintings, murals,sculptures, collages, photos etc. All you have to do is upload a picture, set a few options and price and you're all set.
The flatpebble shoppers get many options to customize their purchase exactly the way they want it - size, media, mounts and finishing options. Shoppers can also add a personal message to their purchase.
The flatpebble artists get detailed analytics of how many times their item was viewed, sales over time and across categories. They also get to see what their peers have to say about their art. Give feedback, review, critique, comment or simply get inspired !!!!
To experience some of these and more.....check them out at Flatpebble. com
To give an idea of how you can use Art in your homes to decorate spaces, I have just created a few concept boards. Art photos used are from and belong to various artists.
Using Photo Art as Wallpaper.

Using Photo Art as Tapestry Art.

Using self shot pictures cut into segments to create an element of interest.
This engages the viewer's eyes.
Using Photo Art to create a Classic Wall of Art setting

Hope you all enjoyed the post !!!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Kannada Article on Vijaya Next newspaper

To read the complete article, click on the below link and turn to page 33.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

CouponDunia.......a new website for some interesting deals

Hey Guys,
I’ve just come across CouponDunia, an amazing site for finding coupons & deals for online stores like FlipKart, Myntra, SnapDeal, Pepperfry, Tradus & many more.
CouponDunia, is India’s Largest Coupon & Deal site, and has over 150,000 Likes on FaceBook !

CouponDunia covers deals/coupons for products across various categories from Home D├ęcor, Clothes, Watches & Purses to Air Tickets to Electronics.
They even have an option to subscribe to deals/coupons for specific online stores, so that you get an e-mail the moment a new deal/coupon is added for that online store.
Be sure to check out their featured coupons, where you can find great deals from new online stores.
To know more, check out CouponDunia here:

Here are some of my favourite deals !

Cushion Cover Set from SnapDeal. Save with SnapDeal Coupons.

Women’s Kurti from Myntra. Save with Myntra Coupons.

Bed Sheets & Pillow Covers from Tradus. Save with Tradus Coupons.

Have a nice day !!!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Diwali ....the festival of lights

Diwali is a Indian Festival celebrated with the lighting of lamps. Diwali is all about lights, sweets, family meetings, crackers and fun. Here are a few Diwali decorating ideas from my home to yours. To read more about Diwali or Deepawali, click here.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Plum decorate your coffee table...

Hello Everyone,

As you all know, decoration on my blog is not limited to interiors alone. Here's something to boost your spirit and your taste buds.

This is a recipe I was wanting to try for a very long time, ever since I saw this in a German Magazine. Please excuse me as I do not remember the name of the magazine. Recipe courtesy goes to this Magazine without doubt.
Fresh Plums ready to turn into Roses

Thinly cut plum slices

The ready to use pastry sheet cut into strips

I glazed the sheet with honey and arranged the plum slices and simply rolled it to form a flower

The first flower turned out as expected and my excitement grew...

So did the second one...
I was not worried about the precision of the slices....its okay if you are not accurate, just try to conceal it

And quickly there were many....

A honey glaze adds sweetness to these otherwise sour slices and also makes them look shiny. It so reminded me of the dew drops.

All set and ready to be baked

The process of baking extracts the juices of the plum and this adds a hint of colour like that of a double coloured rose.

The effect of glazing opens up the plum slices like petals

Sitting on my dessert a bowl of floating roses.

A dash of cinnamon and icing sugar with cups of hot coffee.

Looks and tastes Yumm !!!

Do let me know if these pictures have inspired you enough to try !!!!!

Space Saving Ideas in Studio Apartments - Article published on

Hello Readers,

My article on Space Saving Techniques in Studio Apartments was published on For the complete article, click here.
If you wish to read on more such topics, please leave a comment or write to me at;

Friday, 12 October 2012

Creative Concepts for your homes!!!

I have been creating new concepts recently. Here are a few that I wanted to share with you.
A Romantic getaway...far from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

My idea of a modern loft with a lot of light and a riot of colours, patterns and textures.

A luxurious relaxing zone with a pedicure and a massage to compliment!

A Rainbow inspired creative area for kids.

A floating patio and an inviting table set for an all girls evening!!

What about some Indigo Mania!!!!
Which is your favourite among these?.

Let me know if you are looking for some more of such themed concepts!!!