Monday 23 January 2012

Stress - Free Colour Schemes....

Check out my article on " Stress- Free Colour Schemes" (Page 58)  in the latest issue of Prismma - an Online interior design magazine. I put together a few more pictures for you.

Visualise the cool expanse and the soft colours of the sea.

Self printed patterns and various textures form an interesting mix.

An all-white scheme would be a good option with a few accents in a different colour.

For a Warm and Cosy ambience, tone down bright colours by mixing them with black or brown.

Maintain a constant look throughout the room.
Add different shades of brown for a warm feel.
Try a peaceful Zen look with greenery.
 For the full article on Stress-Free Colour Schemes....Please do check out page 58 on this Prismma Magazine Link.
All pictures above are created by me using Olioboard.

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Nayana said...

These are all gorgeous it. love the new look of the site too..visiting after some time. great article on prisma...