Thursday 18 June 2009

Effective uses of wall or cupboard space

A regular visitor to my blog krutika, recently sent me a mail requesting for some effective uses of wall space. This collage is for you krutika. In this board, i have highlighted a few ways of using both the wall and cupboards surfaces effectively. Some of it include;

● An open shelf (in bright colours) from one corner to another corner with partitions in varying sizes and designs fitted on the wall of the room or kitchen directly. This will act both as a storage unit and also a decor by itself with some accessories on it. Another idea could be to get this particular wall done with some textures using texture cement or some bright wall finishes.

● A textured and a patterned wall paper with plain furniture will reduce the cost of designing as the wall itself is ornamental. The wall will be the focal point here due to its textured wallpaper.

● The trend today is moving towards using cupboard surfaces effectively by painting them in the design of our choice or collaging them with fabric or paper. This will not only serve the purpose of a cupboard but also be a part of the decoration (especially if its a theme) and is very cost effective.

● One can notice that a plain black cot is placed in front of a black cupboard with oriental prints on them. The cupboard surface is the focal point of this decor.

● In the top picture, one can notice a collage of patterns in various colours on the cupboard surface.

It would be great if each one of you reading this post share some of your ideas of using wall or cupboard space effectively....we could make a database of the ideas and circulate them among bloggers.