Friday 15 July 2011

Sophisticated Living......refreshing contemporary furniture line....from Karlsruhe,Germany

Hi Readers,
Introducing you all to a beautiful range of Furniture from Sophisticated Living. I love the fact that their products are highly contemporary with sleek lines and minimalism. But what truly brings in the beauty is the element of nature in colours, patterns and the feel infused in their furniture. Their product line consists of sofas, beds, chairs, pillows etc.,

Here is their latest line of modular furniture called PEAHI. This is a furniture that can be mixed and matched according to your needs and desires. Here is what sophisticated living says about PEAHI. "Peahi (pronounced pay-ah-hee) is a town on the northern coast of the island of Maui in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The name Peahi means "wave" in Hawaiian and is also the name given to the giant waves that break just short of this seaside town. In particular in the harsh winter months.  Our latest sofa model is also called "PEAHI" and it gathers its inspiration from no less than the first rays of the springtime sun. We created it to be modular, flexible and to offer excellent seating comfort".

I always have a special appreciation for multi-utility furniture and so here is something i really liked. A  Cube-inspired square and practical sofa. Can be combined and used in a variety of ways.
This is called REEFBREAK bed that symbolises casual elegance. The special feature is its removable cushion bed with its soft head board.
This is a SHOREBREAK bed with a fine blend of country look and classic elegance. 
Their Chair series can be used as a single eye-catcher in your room or combined with their sofa series. I especially loved the red ragtag chair and the purple loop chair.
This is just an overview of their products. For more information, please log on to the above mentioned website.


Sarmistha said...

Gorgeous furniture! Both utility wise as well as color love that ochure combined with ivory.

Nayana@CherishDreamLive said...

Thanks for visiting Vasudha, I love how you can mix n match that sofa.

Deepa Gopal said...

Loved the colour combo...pretty collection. said...

itz a serene furniture i would love to own one...