Wednesday 1 July 2009

Spontenous decoration combining Glass and Fabric

Are you also like me..? and get bored every 1 month looking at the corners decorated with the same things. Are you also constantly entertaining guests and so wnat new look every time they visit you? Then, this is something you will love. I constantly keep changing the decorative spaces in my house because i get bored and tired of seeing the same things every morning and evening. In this post...I am trying to create new looks with the some glass accessories....and some beautiful fabrics.
India, as everybody knows, is a land of colourful fabrics and the interesting part is that these fabrics are not terribly expensive and can be bought at retail outlets at very interesting prices. I have this hobby of collecting some exotic fabrics everytime I visit a new place. I also store some beautiful duppattas (stoles) of my old salwar suits which i try to collage and frame to make it a unique art piece. In India, every state produces a different kind of fabric and each fabric can be used in a variety of ways. One need not have a great expertise in tailoring these fabrics to use them in home decoration. Just buy a fabric that interests you and combine it by colour co-ordinating it with accessories that you already have at home to create a new look. Just ensure that the edges are either piped or folded to give a neat look. If you are using some Jute fabric, then the rough edges will look amazing for a country look. Here are a few pictures of combining some glass that is generally available at home with some beautiful fabrics....
A complementary colour scheme in blue and yellow. Some Orange flowers to accentuate. Create a very simple deco like this when you have to invite some guests for tea and have to serve a lot of snacks. This is a beautiful yellow self embroidered silk fabric. Place some simple candle holders in a row. Put some flowers in a few and light a few with aroma candles. A very warm tea evening this will be.
A warm analogous Scheme in bright red and traditional yellow prints. These fish glass plates are from Japan and can be used to serve some snacks when u have guests. This alongwith some yellow vases of different sizes with some greenery in them will become focal point of the whole deco.
Another warm analogous scheme in shades of Bright pink and orange. These candle holders are from Denmark (The Royal Copenhagen Trademark). When they are lit, they will create a very warm cosy atmosphere to the whole setting.I have used a beautiful red and silver embroidered Benares fabric as a table top. A very special crystal bowl from Bodenmais-Bavaria (Germany) which was gifted to me by some German friends. Let a single white zerbera float in it alongwith some beautiful white Baby's Breath flowers. Sprinkle a bit of silver sparklers....a small aroma floating candle and these are just too much for a beautiful weekend evening with your loved one.
This is a Complimentary scheme in Orange and Blue. The fabric is silk with some self embroidery. The effect is purposely made subtle by mixing some orange thread with the gold thread. This is the beauty of this fabric. Since the fabric and the bowl are extremely beautiful in themselves, I would simply go in for some simple small picture frames (with family photos) to display alongwith it. A triad colour scheme using primary colours of blue, red and a bit of yellow. A glass crystal jar(with lid) filled with cookies, a novel by the side and a couch to lie on. What more can you ask for on a lazy sunday afternoon?
I honestly do not know what to call glasses.......or wine flutes....or simply juice glasses? This is the question i have been asking myself ever since I bought them. But trust me, They are so beautiful and elegant to hold, that I have never used them for anything except for decoration. When the mood is festive, try some vibrant colour mix... like in here... blue glasses, brass jar, red and yellow flowers......all spread on a sunshine yellow silk fabric. Light some traditional oil lamps and some incense sticks to create the mood.
Spontenous Idea number 1:
A simple complementary scheme in Green glass fixed with a crystal bead inside to sound like a bell. This with some red flowers will be perfect for a refreshing morning.... Sponteneous Idea number 2
This is best when you meet your old friends at home and want a simple wine talk. Small red wine glasses spread on a table with loads of snacks and cushions on everybody's lap.....So very relaxing.....

Have a great weekend !!!!!! I am off to a friday tea party now :)


Chubby Chieque said...

Hello dear,
Your amazing self-designer. I love everything you have in your posts. I love colours too.

THanks a lot for coming by and left your footprints.

Enjoy your tea party 2 "now" §:-))


lakshmi said...

really beautiful
and lovely creative mind You have

have a great day

Anonymous said...

Love post.. I'll do some next weekend.. thanks for the inspiration!!

oh.. and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love post.. I'll do some next weekend.. thanks for the inspiration!!

oh.. and have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

nice! is that green glass from black forest?

Hill Country House Girl said...

Thanks for your visit to hill country house! I love your color combinations, but your last photo with the beautiful glasses and the description of wine talk is the best - my favorite thing is to sit and catch up with a good friend over a glass (or glasses!) of wine!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

wanted to come by and welcome you to my blog and to thank you for the kind note that you left there...don't be a stranger.

Vasudha Narasimhan said...

Hi all...

Thank u for the kind words....its a great motivation....

Unknown said...

Hi Vasudha!! Thanks for visiting my blog...hope to see you there more often! Where are u based currently??

Keep up the good work!!