Tuesday 21 July 2009

Delicious Decoration...ummmm

When you are inviting some guests over for lunch or dinner...........and are desperate to bring about new looks to your spaces..........try these mouth watering bouquets which not only act as a deco....but can also be eaten....This solves two problems at one shot....a new decoration and a fruit salad.....Here are some pictures for your inspiration.....
Photocredit: kristenstein (Flickr) Photocredit: kristenstein (Flickr)
Photocredit: apollodan(Flickr)
Photocredit: cdgleason(Flickr)Photocredit: oregon jess(Flickr)
Photocredit: the cookieladycc(Flickr)
Photocredit: the cookieladycc(Flickr)
The simplest way to do this is to identify a pot or a vase. Place a bouquet sponge which is readily available at flower shops. Pierce wooden sticks onto this sponge at different heights. Then using different cookie cutters, shape out the fruits and veggies. Add a few salad leaves for the natural leaf look. With a little imagination and creativity, you can turn out beautiful fruit and veggie bouquets. So, Have you already started cutting out your pineapple flowers???????????????
Enjoy your YUMMYyyyyyyyyyy bouquets.......


arati said...

Hi Vasudha,
Every day I look forward to reading ur blog. Something very creative everyday.
Keep going doing a great job.

Unknown said...

hi vasu,

wow this is such an inovative way of serving ur salad or fruits! thanks for sharing with us!


Rachana said...

wow..... this is really useful..... great going