Friday 2 December 2011

Bringing your inspirations addition to the previous post

Here are a couple of boards that I created just as an addition to my previous post. Inspired by grey architectural wonder of Somanathapura, I decided to use the picture that I photographed in different ways.

Option 1
Print a huge poster of the photograph. Treat it as a wall paper and stick it directly to the wall as if to form a focal point. Frame it all around using a wooden or a metal frame. Identify the feel of the photograph and then choose the right textures, patterns and colours to create the desired ambience. 


Get the complete picture screen printed and treat it as a wall paper. Alternatively, get the picture printed on ceramic tiles and fix them to the wall.

Option - 3

Crop the picture in different patterns. Make 3 pieces or 6 pieces of equal or  different sizes. Print the picture and box frame it. Arrange them on the wall with little gaps in between them. This engages the
viewer's eyes and creates an interesting focal point.

Have a great weekend!!!!


Double Inverted Commas said...

I like option 3!

Shanthi said...

WOW!! this was such an eye candy. Wonderful ideas.