Tuesday 7 June 2011

I said Blue.....and she said Pink.....

As I was listing down things to pick up for the summer segregation.....little did I realise that my 6 year old daughter was mentally mapping her list of things to pick up. The first picture that you see here are my picks...............while the second picture are some of her picks. I think many of you would agree with me when I say that these little girls are obsessed with the word pink. I have often wondered WHY PINK ALWAYS???????.

I loved this collection from KIK. My fascination for classic patterns attracted me to this collection of pink and blue articles from KIK, especially the waste paper bucket.Some lovely stationery in the same combination for my daughter's new study corner. The backpack is her favourite pick.
Have a nice day. All pictures from KIK, collaged by me.


Veda said...


loved this post!!!!

all moms who have girls can identify with this one!


Veda said...

specially the handtaschen and the geldborsen!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this site! I love the products!

Anonymous said...

Vasu!! Vasu!! I love the pink.. and blue mix.. its amazing.. Brings out the child in me.. *smiles*