Friday 9 October 2009

Inspiration Mughal Interiors...... answer to Cheryl's question

Hey Vasudha, I happen to stumble upon your blog while browsing through for some ID ideas and I was wondering whether you could assist me with this; I'm supposed to design a hotel room based on Moghul architecture (we had to do a site visit, and it was an area with Moghul architectures and a place where they sell tons of textiles/silk) and we have to link that to the hotel room design. I'm totally out of ideas and I hope you could guide me with this, and with what concept I should follow on. Of course I'm not asking for spoonfeeding, just a little guidance would help a lot. I'm Cheryl, btw. I'm currently taking my diploma in Interior Designing in Malaysia :) Thanks in advance :)
Answer to Cheryl's question
Mughal Empire begun its journey in the valley of Jammu & Kashmir in around 1586 AD. However, the exponents of Islam faith had arrived in the state much before. As per the historical archives, Jammu & Kashmir was visited by several Sufi saints in the early hours of 14th century itself. In 1327 AD, Rinchen Shah, who was the then Emperor of the valley, decided to become a devout Muslim follower. With the onset of this incident, Jammu & Kashmir started experiencing a new era of Islam in general and Mughal Empire in particular. Please click here to continue reading.......Mughal architecture, an amalgam of Islamic, Persian and Indian architecture, is the distinctive style developed by the Mughals in the 16th and 17th centuries in what is now India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. To read more, please click here.....
This is a moodboard I just made for you, please take a look and use this as a source to develop your own ideas. MY TIPS
In global styles like these, the quickest and the easiest way to achieve the effect you are trying to is by opting for a wall paper depicting the mughal style of architecture or some paintings depicting the lifestyle of the mughals.

Mughals are known for their use of marble. Beautiful marble inlay work can be done based onyour budget. If your budget is limited, then try to create some focal points with this kind of work.

Get some Plaster of Paris work does to create cornices, arches etc., as shown in the below picture or the above collage. Arches were made famous by the mughals.

Use jewel colours and some fake jewellery to add to the royal look.
I hope you found this information useful. Please do let me know when you start working on your project. Contact me if you need some more inputs on this.

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Oh my... these pics are inspirational... Wish I had the space for such grand mughal dekor...