Friday 21 August 2009

Introducing Artist Anu Madhu.....

Hi Readers,
It is my pleasure to introduce an artist whom I have admired as a teenager. There are many ways that I have been inspired by her. Her love for life, her ability to look cheerful always, her looks, her personal ways of conducting herself and last but most important..........her creative skills. Anu Madhu and myself lived in the same neighbourhood. Although she is a sister to my close friend amrita, I have had some very interesting talks with Anu during those days........which probably anu does not recall. I silently admired her works which were proudly displayed by her parents. Today, Anu lives in Redding, Connecticut in a beautiful house with all her works on display. It seems to me that every corner of her house would have something of interest. A few of her works are here for you all to see.

INTERVIEW WITH ANU MADHU.....................
1. When did you realise you had a passion for what age?
I realised I had the passion to draw and paint from a very young age of 5,ever since I was encouraged at home and at school to achieve my passion. I have not looked back ever since !!

2. Have you undergone any formal training in this field?
I have done a diploma in Fine arts from Kalamandir School Of Arts in Bangalore .

3. What are your main interest areas in (oil on canvas or water colour etc.,)?
I love working with all the mediums, but my favorite by far has been oil and acrylic. Most of my paintings are oil based.

4. Do you teach somewhere?
When I used to live in India, I did conduct summer camps for kids from home. Here in the US did conduct drawing classes for kids every now and then.
5. Is there anything that you are currently working on....or trying to discover a new form of art?
I continue to work on paintings, I also love learning different crafts. So I work with salt dough and make salt dough ornaments like fruit baskets, wreaths, christmas ornaments,tealight candle holders, center pieces for tables and so on. I am also trying to learn to work with clay and would love to create forms with clay.

6. Would you like to share something with my readers?
Art has been the driving force behind me personally for what ever I am today. I understand there is a world of art, out there that I am trying to still learn about. I have only unturned a few stones, but I know I have a long way to go and I am so looking forward to the journey ahead and learning all that I can along the way. I have had so much fun creating all the works I have done so far and I hope all of you enjoy my creations as much I had creating them for myself and for all of you.
The best gift to an artist is when he/she is complimented on their works. I request every reader of mine to identify one picture from the above set as their favourite. Anu can be contacted for any of her works on the following email address

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